It's The Lens! Honest

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What you see with the naked eye isn’t always what you CAN get. That’s where some imagination and a fisheye lens comes in handy. Yes, the above, an atrium lobby in a Singapore hotel, looked kinda good with normal vision, but when symmetry and vanishing point are a part of the reality, there’s nothing better than a fisheye lens to take it to the limit. Remember, symmetry to the eye is like harmony to the ear.

We could say, “making the ordinary into the extraordinary.” 

Having worked for Nikon Cameras for some 24 years, and having access to all sorts of lenses, some fisheyes, I never experienced personal creativity with any of those (some very exotic) fisheyes, until I came across the Tokina 10-17 mm ZOOM full-frame fisheye...yes, I said zoom.  

The zoom fisheye for me (and maybe you, too), does what all non-fisheye zooms do for the rest of the world...augment creativity.

Using the Tokina 10-17mm Zoom fisheye as I now do, and taking advantage of its flexibility and in-camera composition, I am able to create geometric images that are eye-catching and out of the ordinary human realm of perception. 

Interesting?   Maybe. 

Fun?    Yes. 

Creative?   Absolutely.

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