On Becoming Creative

The student asked the Master, “Am I a creative person?” 

The Master replied, “Yes.”

The Student responded, “But I don’t see creativity within me.  I don’t feel creative.  If you say that I am creative, how do I realize it?”

The Master replied, “There exists the Kingdom of Creativity.  It is by journey through turmoil and peace, yins and yangs, kaleidoscopic storms of colorful crystalline objects and forms forever swirling in simile, metaphor and juxtaposition that you arrive at the gates of Creativity.”

The student asked, “But exactly where is such a Kingdom? Show me how to get there.”

The Master replied, “To find Creativity you must look for it by not looking. And somewhere between your clouds of confusion and uncertainty lies the keyhole to the other side where all becomes right. 

The Student, becoming anxious, demanded, “ You tell me that I am creative, but I am no better off.  How can I look for my Creativity by not looking for it?  It makes no sense at all.”

The Master gave a benign smile and said, “Use your imagination.”

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