What, Me Worry?

I was leading a photo expedition in the Antarctic. We used zodiac rubber boats to go out to photograph seals and whales. In a second, we were in a blizzard and unable to navigate by eye. We were snow blinded. Luckily we had a radiophone and the captain of the ship guided us back to safety by radar.

I wasn't the only photographer on the zodiac who had enough smarts to take a weatherproof (and submersible, but we won’t go there) Lowepro DryZone into this caustic environment. Some of the other occupants' camera gear didn't fare so well when it came to protection. The DryZone paid for itself that day. 

As I only had a camera with a medium tele-zoom lens, I couldn't get the whole image as you see above, so I took two exposures, one for the guy and the other for the bag, and blended them together in Photoshop.

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