Why I Switched To A Mac

Once upon a time I was watching a friend finesse a slide show in Keynote, the Mac slide show program. I was amazed at how easily he did it with designs, transitions and audio inputs...and his show looked so much better than ones I laboriously produced n my PC. So, I bit the bullet and acquired a Mac. 

A fellow photographer emailed me at flickr.com asking me why I recently switched from PC to Mac. Here’s my answer (I switched for some very real reasons in addition to the above).

Thanks for your question . . . it's a very good and timely one. I switched to Aperture because I switched from PC to Mac. Now, why did I do that you ask? Simple, I was running into creative roadblocks with my PC. In my opinion, and with others as well, Mac offers seamless and creative solutions, or should I say seamless and creative potentials with their iLife Suite. 

However, the big one that grabbed me was the fact that with Aperture program I could source images, that is, ingest and get a fast overview of a shoot of perhaps 500 or 600 images, rank them, tweak them with no effort and even output to Photoshop to make a composite. Then instantly save the shoot to any number of storage devices simultaneously with the Aperture "Vault." Then grab a soundtrack from iTunes or create my own music in Garage Band and produce an interlocked music slide show . . . IN A VERY SHORT TIME!

The above was an actual situation. A colleague saw my dilemma and loaned me his Mac. I did the slide show my client requested and used a piece of commercially cleared music included in Garage Band! Wow, no expensive licensing fee (which is required if you're going to show and/or sell your work commercially). And, how about the ease of posting to your website? I never thought it would be that easy. Or, how about instant PDF layouts for your client? Or, publishing a hard cover edition for your coffee table with a click. Nuff said? Read on . . .

Yeah yeah yeah, I still can go into Windows mode on the Mac and use my old Word and Excel. However, Powerpoint cannot do what I can do in iMovie or iPhoto. In my opinion, just the quality of the transitions (and control) are worth the price of a PC to Mac conversion. Yup, the Mac punched a hole in the creative roadblock that I hit with my PC. And now I can even say goodbye to virus paranoia.

I'm sure I'll discover other reasons to justify my move from PC to Mac. But, for the moment, I'm just sitting here enjoying my newfound creative freedom and grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

UPDATE:  Garage Band has allowed me to compose my own music...and I can’t even play a kazoo!  Now I can add royalty-free music to all my public presentations without copyright infringement (you know there are laws against copying and using someone else’s music for public commercial projects unless a usage fee is paid).  Garage Band is a must for anybody who loves music and has always wanted to be a musician.

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