A Slice Of Life


A lot of great photo-ops and resulting images come down to the basic axiom, "a slice-of-life." I always look for slices, especially when people are eating. For most people it's the happiest time of their day, and if you look for that slice-of-life, you're bound to see some interesting and often "humourous-ops."

Restaurants and eating establishments are great locations. Here's a guy contemplating a huge seafood dinner. Imagine his anticipation of those delicious flavours. Then keep an eye on the diner for that second image...he's saying with body language, "I'm full, I can't move." It's that body language that we can all understand and that others can relate to when you make a "before-and -after" shot.

Those before and after shots, images that illustrate an ongoing slice-of-life situation are the ones that make your images stand out, either in a slide show or in an album.

So, look around the next time you see a hungry person.

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