Look Up, Look Down


Photographers are a curious bunch. They're forever foraging around corners, into nooks and squeezing into funny places, just looking for interesting "photo ops."

One of the most common places photographer's look is -  up and down. Some of the most interesting images can be found high and low.

Take for instance the image of the pots and pans. After a dubious lunch at a restaurant on a beach in Mexico, I happened to pass where they wash their dishes. Being curious, I looked into the sink, and there, waiting for the camera, was a glorious assortment of multi-coloured pots, lids and utensils ...wow, a symphony of pattern and colour. I used my Tokina 12-24mm zoom lens at 12mm to increase the perspective, popped up my on-board flash to enhance the colours, and stuck my head down into the sink.

Maybe passers-by thought I was crazy... yeah, crazy like a photographer.

Sometimes "photo ops" are above your head. Artful ceilings are just waiting your camera. While strolling through the lobby of an office building in San Francisco, I noticed "an installation" of poles, an abstract sculpture provided to give the left-brained corporate soldiers working in the building a dose of culture. Most of the corporate soldiers rushing through the lobby paid little or no attention to the installation. Being curious, I decided to partake of the installation and situated myself right in the middle of the poles...and looked up. Again, with my 12-24mm Tokina zoom at 12mm, I created a composition with exaggerated perspective, suggesting the poles reaching and stretching up to claw the patterned ceiling.


Maybe passers-by thought I was crazy... yeah, crazy like a photographer.


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