Pattern To The Eye Is Like Harmony To The Ear

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No kidding, patterns please the soul. The best way to spot and illustrate patterns is with a telephoto lens, because they telescope in and allow you to eliminate non essential information and compress the perspective and heighten relationships between objects that are not  that close together. In the top example, the mannequins were already close together, forming a pattern, but using my 18-200 lens @ 200mm on my DX format DSLR, the figures are really get to be "in your face," especially if when you in-camera crop and fill the frame, which is another benefit of a telephoto. 

With the beach umbrella image, I zoomed in to isolate just the umprellas, extracting them from chairs and bathers to the right and left of frame. Note: the colour of the umbrellas were embelleshed by a bit of saturation in Photoshop.

Hint: wide-angles do the opposite - they create great perspective which creates the illusion of greater space between foreground and background. They also focus closer and tend to give a bit more perspective exaggeration.




Most photos illustrating real estate are taken with wide-angles, to make the property or interiors look huge. If lyou're looking to buy a house, don't be fooled by the sexy pictures.

See the gallery of pattern, line and symmetry for some really cool ideas.   


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