Sometimes We Worry Too Much


Photographers, young and old, often fall into the same dark depression when we go out shooting.

We fear that "we've lost it," when it comes to our creativity and fear we'll never find the "motherload," the perfect photo-op. Sound familiar?

Fact: You're not alone. It's natural to feel uncertain, but if you get frustrated and bent out of shape, you'll never find that motherload.

Don't give yourself impossible goals. Don't go out with "tunnel vision."

Keep an open mind. You'll always see more beauty, interesting compositions and photo potentials when you're in a positive head space.

Case in point: a friend and I went out shooting without any preconceptions or expectations, in a positive head space and we stumbled into a fabulous photo-op. I could say it found us! We spent the better part of a morning at it, met an amazing musician, got some great shots and walked away with two free CDs!

The whole story and images from the shoot can be found here.

If you check it out the images and story, I'm sure you'll feel much better the next time you pick up your camera.

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