The 94 Year Old Fisherman

larryfrank fisherman

He lives and works on the remote island of Iona off the rugged coast of Scotland. I spoke with him at length before having the honor of taking his picture. He had a lot to say about how the world has changed in his lifetime on his island. One cannot always rely on history books for how it really was. It's not always the surface of a subject, but the story behind it that gives real perspective. 

As I apporached him, I saw that he was working on his outboard motor, with some difficulty. As a pretext to engaging him, I asked if I oculd help. He accepted and as we worked together I opened conversation which eventually led me to asking him if I oculd take his picture.

By the way, he added a bit of gossip: due to his longevity on the island, he recounted to me all the (somwehat illicit) affairs he came to know about on the small island.

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