The Problem With Those Point And Shoot And Phone Cameras


What aggravates owners of point and shoot and cell phone cameras is the time lag
 between pushing down the shutter release button and the actual taking of 
the picture. They often end up missing the perfect "photo op" because the
 moment has passed by the time the shutter opens.

This is probably the single-most reason owners of these cameras migrate 
to DSLRs.

However, if budgets limit the cost of a DSLR, one can work to minimize
the this frustration by anticipating that moment and pushing the shutter 
button early.

Yes, it's impossible to predict what will happen without actually seeing
it through the viewfinder (or LCD panel) as we can with a DSLR, but with 
some practice, you can increase your averages of "capturing the moment."

The image above was taken with an early model point and shoot camera
with an extremely long lag time. Luckily, most of today's current point
and shoot  and phone cameras have much shorter lag times.

So, don't despair, anticipate.


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