The Smart Way To Use A Zoom Lens


When seeking a 'photo op' with your wide-angle to tele zoom. Always have the lens set to wide-angle in between shots. 

Then when you see your Pulitzer Prize shot and rush the camera to your eye, you will see the general view and can quickly zoom in to compose. If your lens is set at the tele position, you'll see only a part of the potential and will have to waste time zooming around for the best composition.

The above shot successfully illustrates getting the shot by having the lens set at wide-angle and quickly zooming to the best composition.

The larger shot below illustrates the zoom set at tele, which is no-no and you won't see your complete shot immediately. The insert shows the zoom correctly set at wide-angle allowing quick composition. If you start at the tele position, by the time you zoom back and then zoom to compose, you've blown it!


Nuff said.


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