Themes Will Save Your Life!


Save your 'photographic' life, that is.  Ever run out of creative steam?  You won’t, ever, if you work with themes. Why themes? Well, when I was a photographer in New York City, the photo editor of a major magazine gave me this sagely advice, “Anything documented well, will someday sell.” That made sense to me, so I set about documenting things well, which, of course, necessitated a number of images of the same topic… or theme.

It worked, both financially and creatively.  Whenever I feel my creative steam ebb, I resort to a theme, and then I’m back up to speed with renewed creativity and vigor. Above is one of my themes… masks which I assembled in a composition in Photoshop. Other themes include; people eating, bicycles (not people riding them), people's tattoos and people on mobile phones (some below) to name a few. 


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