There's No Excuse!


That's right, there's no excuse to go anywhere without a tripod. I don't care if you're shooting downtown or in Asia. Like me; fact is you may come across a photo-op requiring a tripod, and if you were too lazy to pack one along with your gear, you'll say with regret, “I should have brought my tripod.”

Then, the next time you go for a shoot, you might say, "well, I probably won't need the tripod this time." Guess what? You've blown another potential winner.

As a matter of fact, when you have a tripod with you, you'll see photo potentials requiring a tripod, like a waterfall, a nightscape, fireworks or a fabulous panning possibility...because you have it with you! Trust me, it's the truth. Some winning photos get created because you have the tools with you, so learn this lesson: don't leave the tripod home.

When shooting the Hong Kong skyline (see photos above and below), people without tripods asked to borrow mine. Hey, supposing I wasn't there to be a good Samaritan?

I don't travel without my Slik Sprint - it even comes with its
own carrying case and will also fold down nicely to fit into any


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