Want To Make The Coolest Greeting Cards From Your Images?


Yes, make greeting cards that won’t hang on the recipient’s fridge for a week and then get trashed?

Here’s how:

1.Choose any of your images and, in Photoshop, choose filters > artistic > cutout. Try this setting: number of levels 8, edge simplicity 0, edge fidelity 1.

2. Add your message on a type layer using a contrasting colour and a drop-shadow (layer > layer styles > drop shadow).

3.You may want to add some ‘blur’ to the background image to create more separation between image and type (filter > blur > gaussian blur).

4. Make a 4 x 6 print (less than 40¢ with an Epson Picture Mate)

5. An alternative is to not use a special effect filter to present your image literally.

6. Another alternative is to not use a type layer and mount the print on half-folded card stock and write your message inside the fold, like a traditional card.

pc 2

Folks just aren’t used to receiving such an artistic and personal card.

Enjoy the fact that you’ve presented a personalized work of art plus saving about $4.76 from a store-bought card with an impersonal message.

Be prepared for some awesome compliments from recipient’s, and perhaps an invitation to dinner.


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