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I am available to present lectures, seminars and classes on topics ranging from: basic photography, digital capture, photoshop, slide show production, colour management, multiple versions of "Walk on the Wildside,"  "Photo Philanthropy," retail sales training and motivation, or any of the topics outlined in the  “Articles, Cool Techniques or Tutorials”  sections of this website plus topics tailored to specific needs.


"Assignment" Photo Workshop, Havana, Cuba

Feedback from the shooters:

Good Morning Sheryl:  First. Let me tell you how much I enjoyed the experience.  The concept of a photographer’s workshop is a wonderful idea and I hope should encourage your company to do follow on trips.  I want to personally thank Larry Frank for what I consider to be an outstanding itinerary.  Our local guide, Grizelle (and her family) were an invaluable asset that contributed significantly to the experience.  Our group was congenial, passionate about the photography and we all enjoyed sharing our knowledge and interest.  Looking at the results of our endeavours, I would be very surprised if anyone did not come away with a number of exceptional images as memories.  

I also hope that Larry will be encouraged to lead more trips of this nature.  He is a pleasure to be with and considering the many diverse interests of our group, led a memorable trip.  Thank You. .. Bill 

Thanks Larry for your kind words of enthusiasm. I think we all enjoyed your mentoring during our stay in Havana. Your insightful guides as to our needs and wants about photographic improvement were certainly addressed...Bruce

Hi there Sheryl,

I thought I'd also chime in regarding the Adventure Canada Cuban photo course. 

I was quite pleased with what you offered 

for four reasons:

• I was searching for both a photography learning experience as well as insights into the country and I received both. it was my first exposure to Cuba and the people, and while our orientation was Havana (and I was pleased with that) it has made me want to travel there again and explore further. Our Havana and area wanders were varied and allowed excellent photographic opportunities. Our hotel accommodation was excellent and well located

• Larry was an excellent resource. Besides being extremely personable, he has an amazing photographic background. Buried inside him are years of experience available for tapping. Besides his photography assets, he had some previous Havana experience which allowed such opportunities as the visit to a family living in one of Havana's old buildings, the stuff of understanding a country's culture. The pre-course information and suggestions Larry sent out were most useful. He has also been generous in offering future help as we ponder what we learned

• Your local Cuban guide, Grisell, was quite a bonus: intelligent, informed, fluently bilingual, well educated, extremely candid and all with a sense of humour. She also generously brought us all to her home to meet her family - a real bonus, have dinner and socialize 

• The fourth reason was one we all lucked into: while all unique and photographically talented, we were a compatible lot - we worked together sharing our own experiences and skills. It was apparent we all liked each other and there was no odd man (or woman) out. Of course, that's not always a given; having only six of us was another bonus. I'm sure from a revenue generating standpoint you would have preferred more, but if that happened you probably should consider more support resources.   Ken

Dear Sheryl,

We were all sorry you had to leave us in Havana.  What a fantastic experience on so many levels.  It was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable, meaningful and wonderful experiences I have had traveling.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I learned and just enjoyed.

You are most fortunate to have Larry among your crew.  I knew Larry as a little boy when we were 12 and had not seen or heard from him for the past 50 years. What a wonder to find such a talented, and caring human being.  He was exceptional on all levels; insuring we each got individual attention, seeing we all knew what the objectives were and sharing his amazing knowledge of photography and life.  

The trip more than met my expectations.  Should you wish any further feedback I am more than happy to provide it.  My thanks to you for choosing Larry Frank and I so recommend many more such trips in the future.  I would love to be part of them.

Warmest regards, Linda

It was great that Larry took us to his friend Richard and his wife's house, and that we were invited to Griselle's house for dinner. These are things that a regular tourist may not be able to experience...Reiner

Photographic Historical Society of Canada: 

     Evening seminar topic: “Visual Bandwidth and the Art of Photography.” See http://www.phsc.ca/Larry-Frank.html for review.

     “ Happy Boris (www.borisspremo.com) took me along to meet you...he told me you’re a great photographer and it promises to be an interesting evening!

     By the way, as we watched the first slide show, I whispered to Boris , "Great music !!!"  I really found it wonderful and very fitting for the show....Little did I know that YOU made it on the computer....amazing!   You could sell it !!!

     Congratulations on all your successes!”

                                                                                          Irma M. Eibich

Georgian College:

Half-day seminar to photo students:  

From Peter Stranks, Instructor:

     “They kept coming up to me stoked about you, your words and your philosophy.

It worked for me and now you are starting another generation on the right path...what a wonderful legacy you have wrought.”

From Tony Pickard, Professor:  

     “I can’t begin to thank you enough for taking the time to come and speak to our students. 

The feedback from everyone who attended amounts to “when is he coming back?”

You were a huge hit and I hope you will consider a revisit in the new year.”

Emily Gaudette, Student:

     “I must say, I held back tears a couple of times! Some of those images are VERY moving. Your story telling is inspiring, and it has given me a fresh perspective on documenting a shoot.”

Eddie And Me, A Cancer Success Story (click to see article)

... what a lovely way to tell a story. If anyone can be passionate about such a wonderful cause ... you can. I know you as a genuine compassionate human being who has the ability to fill a person with hope and confidence ... you 'Inspirit' people. You are one of a kind and I thank you for being my friend for all these years. I'm sure Eddie found that out within minutes of your first visit with him. Bless your heart . My wishes for those who face such things ... Stay positive, envision yourself moving through this time in your life to see yourself doing something you love at the other end and it will be so.”

                                                                                                Joy Gerow

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