Be There, Be Ready!

How often have you wished you could have been there, but weren’t, in order to get that great shot the other guy got? Don’t fret; you are only where you are when you are. All you really have to do is keep your eyes open for anything that you might feel may make an interesting image. So keep alert (the world needs more lerts) and remember, the more and harder you look, the more you will see. 

“Omygosh, I wish I had my camera, or, it happened so fast I missed it!” Well, I think you know the answer by now, always carry your the ready.  Practice becoming a camera slinger (a gun slinger but with a camera).  Memory card in, auto-focus on, auto-meter on, a high enough ISO for the lighting conditions and an eye for the unexpected.  Test yourself - practice camera slinging while watching TV.


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