Creating This Poster


To create  the black background, I used the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop with a one pixel feather, selected the car, did a quick levels correction to punch up the colour, did an inverse selection, then an edit fill with black for the background. With the type tool I added the “Corvette” and used the layer > layer styles to add character to the letters. With the eyedropper tool, I selected a tone from the car and added that colour to the type. To give the type perspective, I selected the type and did an edit > free transform > distort to get the new shape. For the frame around the image I did the following:  select >select all; select > modify > border > 30 pixels, edit > fill > white.  I repeated the same steps again but for the border, the second time, I set 15 pixels and an edit fill with black.  Voila!

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