From Colour To Black & White


Before exporting to Photoshop, I reoriented and trued-up the image in Aperture with their very easy-to-use straighten tool.  I also did a histogramic correction, used the saturation slider, cropped the image and sharpened it.   Once in Photoshop, on a separate layer, I selected the newel post with the magnetic lasso tool.  Once selected I snapped up the newel a bit more. In order to render all but the post in b&w, I did a select > inverse.  I then went to image > adjust > hue/saturation and desaturated  the inverted selection to b&w.  I then did a slight levels adjustment to bring the b&w selection to a pleasing contrast. 

HINT:  To add a copyright symbol in Photoshop, simply use the type tool and hold down the “Option” key plus the  “G” Key on a Mac. 


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