Larry’s Virtual Photo Gallery Tour

Yorkville Street Beasts

Teach Your Baby to Recognize Colours

A perfect teaching tool for baby. We can imprint baby’s name

East Side Gallery Berlin Wall

A one-of-a-kind!

Alcazar Pool, Barcelona, Spain

Mannequins Of Rome

Venice, Beautiful Venice

Waiting For Momma, Rome, Italy

Anhinga Bird Drying Wings

Roger’s Raft, Ontario Cottage Country

Cottage Oars

Les Fleurs Rouge

Pair Of Pears

Escape New York

Cool Classic Caddy

Sunset Beach Riders

Midnight Ice Antarctica

Brisbane Fountain Australia

China Forbidden City Boy

Taiwan Palace Rain

Berlin Holocaust Memorial Rain

Frantic Fender

Mao’s View

Bypassing Warhol

“After The Goldrush,” (thanks Neil Young)

Museum Moment #226

Last Year At Marianbad

Caddy Moonshot

Look Up Look UP! AGO Ceiling

We The North

Che In Havana

Havana Alley Cafe

Pantheon Dome, Rome

Navajo Elder, Arizona

Union Station / Waiting For Roscoe

Gondolas of Venice