2021 – Happy New Year Planet Earth

Happy New Year Planet Earth

While we’re all wishing each other a Happy New Year, I thought I’d wish my most important and ailing friends, Planet Earth and Mother Nature, a get well prayer plus a Happy New Year wish. Now, some may chastise me for calling Mother Nature the female gender, but isn’t she the bearer and sustainer of life? I like to think of her as Earth’s operating system (OS).

I often think that the other planets in our solar system were once as bountiful as ours, but they seem to be either burned out or not able to sustain life as we know it. Will Planet Earth join that club of seemingly barren rocks? Some deny Earth’s malady. Some of those “others who deny” believe God will fix it.

Maybe, just maybe, the other planets were once as (or more) ill than ours; and God, instead of fixing the problem, got fed up and banished them to oblivion (scary thought I know, but possible, eh?)

Hey Greta Thunberg, I’m with you.

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