My mother’s cousin, Kermit, was, by far, one of the most eccentric humans on Planet Earth. To give you an example, as a child, Kermit was once served carrots on his dinner plate. He consumed all his food except the carrots. When his mother insisted that he eat them, he refused. When his father, who […]

Thank You Oh Calcutta Or Two Things She’ll Never Know

(the very first all-nude play/musical) or Two Things She’ll Never Know She rescued me from emotional devastation / I changed the direction of her life. In the mid sixties, after a very ugly divorce which left me emotionally devastated, nearly penniless, physically exhausted (in the mid-sixties, it was always the man’s fault no matter what…and […]

Think You’re Being Creative By Thinking Outside The Box? Try Thinking Without A Box

You must never think in the box You must never think out of the box For optimal creativity and innovation You must always think without a box * Lincoln Wells, modified by Larry Frank What you are about to read is in no way ego motivated. It is one of life’s lessons that I’ve learned […]