iPhone 13 Pro Portraits

Aziz, Forging His Way Against The Wind On A Blustery New York Night. He Turned And Looked At Me

@ Pride Toronto 2022

Sue and Finn

JP And Texaco

Claus, A Stolen Moment

Grandson Seth

Billy Boy, Aircraft Designer, Bombardier Aviation

“Roxy” Baksh, A Lady Of Wisdom And Brilliance

Seraphina’s First Lollipop

Tahir, Caught In Thought

@ Pride Toronto 2022

Yuri Dojc, Internationally Acclaimed Photographer, www.yuridojc.com

Dr. Cheyenne

Dr. Brian Wilson PhD, Head Of Cancer Research and Biophysics, University Health Network, Toronto

Charlie Grant Frank with Aunt Margaret

Claudia, Retired Banker Turned Educator

Joann As Audrey Hepburn

Shopkeeper Mary

Watchmaker, Master Of A Lost Craft

Adonis, Educator

Liv, Not Sure Of Her Beauty

Loving Couple

Trevelyan, Law Student, Multi-Media Artist Turned Social Worker

Kenneth Slater, Head Of Bhayana Family Foundation, Manager Of At-Risk Youth Program, Dixon Hall, Toronto

Hercules, Metropolitan Museum, New York


Modigliani, Metropolitan Museum, NY

Lovely Shoa, Street Snapshot

Paco, Argentinian Rock Star, Photographed in New York’s Cognac Restaurant

Sparrow, New Age Writer/Poet, Greenwich Village, New York

“Street Meet,” Guy Daniels III, Met Him While Mutually Appreciating An Art Piece, East 70th Street, NYC

@ Pride Toronto 2022

Jenesy, New York Bar Hostess

Jenesy v2

Colette The Artist

Actor Jake

Paco v2

Gabe, Master Colourist @ Jalouse Hair, Toronto

Stolen Moment @ The Taste Of The Grille

Digital Artist Isaac from Ethiopia

Chef Sam @ The Taste Of The Grille Restaurant

Little Quinn with her Pink Bonnet

Allen, Never Wears The Same Earring Twice

Stunning Kashae



DJ @ The Taste Of The Grille

Lovely Lilliana

Jillyan With The Dazzling Smile

Little Ice Cream Girl

Grace Constantine, Politician

Dan Brown 94 Years Strong, With His Hands Single Handedly Built Two Houses In His Spare Time

Wayde Lansing, Paramedic level 3 advanced life support paramedic