A Word About Your Camera Strap

If you are using one of those brightly coloured “brand advertising” straps, you’ll get noticed pretty quickly, not only by possible subjects but by potential camera thieves as well. If you’re looking to steal the moment, you must be as unobtrusive as possible. So trash that “glow- in-the-dark” strap for a thin black one (these days they’re a bit hard to find, but persevere). Then, with the camera over your right shoulder and the lens pointing into the small of your back, adjust the length so your elbow comfortably rests on the LCD screen. When you grab the grip, which will now be facing forward, and bring the camera smoothly to your eye, the strap automatically gets taught and the extra support adds perhaps one to two longer shutter speeds without incurring camera movement.

Be smart on the street – carry your camera snugged by your elbow so it’s out of view, lens pointing into the small of your back and stay away from walking too close to the curb…many a thief will cruise the streets on a motor scooter, close to the curb, and can reach out and snatch your baby right off your shoulder. Ladies carrying purses should also take note of this possibility.

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  1. Wow here’s a blast from the past!
    You may not remember me but I sure remember you. It’s Barry Elton aka “Skip”. Used to work with Blacks and then you turned me on to Daymen with Michael Mayzel. Just thought I’d say Hi and hope you’re doing fine … Cheers old friend !

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