Yes, There Is A God

Not that I ever disbelieved the existence of an Unknowable Force, but I had this epiphany; not in a church, synagogue, ashram or mosque, but at the bottom of the planet.

While leading a photo safari to the Antarctic for Adventure Canada, I saw the light as I had never seen it before, morning, noon and night, glinting across vast expanses of water, eventually striking icebergs so supremely sculpted.  And I said to myself, “no artist could ever pull this kind of thing off.”  

Yes, what I could spy with my little eye could only be conceived, created and allowed to be experienced, by something greater than we can know.

So there we were, silently floating through the La Maire Channel, in between behemoths of translucent blue tinged ice.  

So there we were as the sun came over the horizon illuminating ‘flat-top’ tabular icebergs, big enough to hold five football fields.  

So there we were, watching the setting sun create a canvas, a canvas so out of our reality that no recording device or painter or sculptor or writer or photographer or any earthly body or thing, could come remotely close to taking home.

It was then that I realized,

                                                    … yes, there is a God.

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