Create Your Own Christmas (or any occasion) Card

Create Your Own Artistic Christmas (or any occasion) Card

  1. Start out with anything with typical Christmas colours – in this case, a bin of Christmas candies
  2. Resize to 4 x 6 inches at 200-300 ppi
  3. Create duplicate working layer
  4. Create a cool beveled edge > Add A Faux Bevelled Edge
  5. In Photoshop > layers > blending options > luminosity (or whatever you fancy)
  6. “Merry Christmas” choose a nice red > warp text > arc horizontal (new type layer automatically created)
  7. In Layers > layer styles > drop shadow (black) > mode: multiply > experiment
  8. In Layers > layer styles > outer glow > white > mode: screen > experiment
  9. Duplicate type layer two or three times (you may get a surprise)
  10. Save as > “Christmas Card Layers” > tiff or Photoshop to preserve layers
  11. Layers > flatten > Save as >  “Christmas Card Print” > .JPG > take to a Walmart photo kiosk $.32/print >ppi still 200-300 ***NOTE: If kiosk machine cuts off border, the attendant will make  “prints in one day service” on their machine which will not cut off border. They’ll probably do it for you while you wait.
  12. Resize to .jpg 4 x 6 at 72 ppi (Ecard size)
  13. Glue(stick) 4 x 6 kiosk print to folded 8 x 10 card stock – there’s your personal, creative and artistic Christmas Card! Friends tend to collect your annual creative Christmas Card.
  14. Merry Christmas…or any occasion

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