About Larry

Larry Frank: photographer, traveller, writer, Photoshop instructor, digital retouch artist, motivational speaker and perennial student.

Apprenticed at New York’s prestigious studio, Robert Crandall Associates, where, at the age of 23, he designed and photographed a cover for TIME Magazine. See article “On Producing a Time Magazine Cover”.

While in New York, he wrote, directed and produced a film, “It Takes A Phone To Cry,” which poked fun at the NY Telephone Company’s poor service and played in New York City art cinemas. His film infuriated the phone company and caused it to disconnect his phone service. He threatened with a sequel film.

Among other projects in the late sixties, he wrote, photographed and produced what has been called the first music video, “The Only Living Boy in New York,” for the iconic duo Simon and Garfunkel.

Larry spent 24 years with Nikon Canada as manager of its professional division and has advised, consulted and instructed photographers ranging from forensic to fashion. He managed Nikon’s Olympic and Commonwealth Games projects, pioneered the Nikon School of Photography and The Flash Course, presenting these one-day photo seminars to over 60,000 professionals and photo enthusiasts across Canada.

Other seminar projects include “Silver to Silicon” and “The School of Travel Photography and Travel Techniques,” presented throughout Canada, Australia, Jamaica, the UK, and throughout Asia (including China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand).

Larry has authored five instructional CDs: “Visual Rhythm,” “Stolen Moments and How I Stole Them,” “The School of Travel Photography and Travel Techniques,”  and “Silver to Silicon I and II,” plus a family memoir, “ My Journey, Your Journey.”

He has written articles for several photo magazines and has hosted several photo expeditions for Adventure Canada, travelling to the Arctic and Antarctic, Tierra del Fuego, Newfoundland and Labrador, Greenland and Baffin Island, and Scotland. He was keynote speaker at the Canadian Photo Educators Forum, keynote speaker at the Canadian Conference Of Photo Educators and keynote speaker and presenter at many photo-oriented and law enforcement conventions..

Larry has conducted his “Assignment” photo workshop in Havana, and often presents two courses, “Street Photography” and “Magazine and Editorial Photography” at Ryerson University in Toronto  He is a past member of the Digital Photography Advisory Board at Georgian College.

Another rewarding project has been his work with Lowepro camera bags. He helped start the company and was responsible for bringing these products to the world market.

While working with Nikon and Lowepro, product sales always spiked after his cross-Canada photo presentations. As such, Larry would return to present retail sales training seminars to the local photo retailers. Soon Larry became known for his photo-oriented retail sales and motivational presentations and was called to present throughout the United States, Asia, Australia and the U.K.

The manager of staff personnel training for a Canadian retail chain remarked, after sitting in on one of his recent motivatinal seminars, “I want Larry to speak at my wedding.”

At this point in his career, Larry is in what he calls his “giving back mode,” coaching young and not-so-young photographers and sharing  what he’s learned.

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