A Promotional Poster For Chacho And His Dancers

I saw Chacho dance in a club in St. Lucia. He and his dancers were nothing short of fabulous. I asked him how he gets jobs at the local clubs. He said only by word of mouth. I asked him if he would like a promotional poster. Of course he said yes but couldn’t pay me. I said, “my gift for such talented people.” And so we set off for the beach the next day. Why the beach? No distractions and lots of room. But I encountered a problem…see below.

After shooting many many jumps I realized that I would never get all three in perfect positions, so I decided on shooting each dancer individually from a low angle to eliminate most of the forground.

With the other two dancers shot with a sky background and stripped out of the sky with the Photoshop Magic Wand, it was simply a matter of cutting and pasting into a blank canvas keeping in mind the same resolution of the dancers – 300 pixels-per-inch, and Adobe RGB 1998 colour space for quality colour and printing. However, the Magic Wand isn’t perfect, so each image needed a bit of edge smoothing with the Eraser and the Clone Stamp tool.

We all love sunset shots. So I selected this one and cropped it out of the beach forground, re-cropped it to 12 x 16 inches and upped the vibrance and brightness.

And here’s the fnished project.

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